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Take [my heart] and set it free.

Where I go I do not know, I only know the place I've been.
Dreams they [come and go], ever shall be so.
Nothing's real until you feel.

(Iron Maiden - Ghost of the Navigator)
happy junkie. am 15.11.06 12:40

Do you remember where we used to sleep at night?

I don't, d o n ' t wanna take you home.
Please don't, don't make me sleep alone.
If I could, I'd only want to [make you smile].
If you would stay with me a while.
Miezä. am 14.11.06 21:39

I'll burn the building
if I knew you'd die
And I'll pray you're a failure
And that you
won't make it out alive.
(A Day To Remember - 1958)
Miezä. am 14.11.06 06:31

It's a beating heart I made [for you].

Fell in love with an angel,
a heart that isn't cold.
Isn't cold. Isn't cold.
(I Am Ghost - This Is Home)
Miezä. am 14.11.06 06:25

[Fell in love] with an angel, a heart that [isn't cold].

"Love has given me a reason to live,
And love has given me a reason to die."
(I Am Ghost - This Is Home)
Miezä. am 13.11.06 19:41

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Empty Heart

„And have I ever told you
how much you mean to me?
You mean so much to me...”

Dily/Doris; 16 (26. November 1990); lebt in Wien (Österreich); hat eine Vorliebe für Piercings; selbst Snakebites hat; ist sehr nachtaktiv; ist Single, aber verliebt; wurde nur einmal das Herz gebrochen; mag Winter & Kälte; ist teilweise eine Tagträumerin; liebt Bandshirts; verheiratet mit Nessa; verlobt mit Nin; vergöttert A7x & I Am Ghost; schreibt später vielleicht mal weiter.


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